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DRP program

(We are not a DRP collision shop)

DRP stands for "Direct Repair Program." DRP shops do most of their work for insurance companies. These are the shops that your insurance company claims representative will recommend. Most are high volume shops, so sometimes their quality will suffer.

The way to make sure you are getting the best quality auto body shop you can find is by checking the collision shop's online reviews. The most common problems shops can have is with mismatched paint or aftermarket parts.

With mismatched paint the problem is apparent immediately. You will see that the paint doesn't match as soon as you have the car in good light. Sometimes this is the result of the wrong paint mixing equipment or the use of non manufacturer's paints. The way to find out if a shop has trouble matching paints is by reading the body shop's online reviews. This issue will be readily apparent in the shop reviews from previous customers.

The other issue is aftermarket parts. Some shops use aftermarket parts to cut costs on their insurance work. The insurance companies sometimes pressure DRP shops on price, and aftermarket parts is a common way for DRP shops to cut corners. This may not be apparent when you pick up the car but may cause seam and paint issues down the line. Again, the way to spot these shops is by reading the shop's online reviews.

ISM Collision Center is not a DRP shop. We are focused on quality over quantity. We want to make sure your car looks brand new again!

5 Star Review

"At ISM everything was PROFESSIONAL ... But the most important thing is the quality of their work. Absolutely flawless."

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