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Car Painting

How much does it cost?

Our paint jobs for cars and SUVs start at $1000.

Estimates vary depending on the amount of prep work your vehicle needs. If your car is in good shape and just needs minor prep work to get the job done, the estimate will be lower. If there is a lot of wear and tear on your car's surface more prep work will be required and any estimate will include the extra prep time.

If you would like a more detailed estimate and a specific price, but don't have time to bring the car in, we would be happy to work with you over the internet. Just email some photos of your car including detailed shots of any potential trouble spots and we can look over the photos and email or call with a detailed car painting estimate.

For a detailed estimate with specific pricing, email your photos to or use this email form.

Porsche Collision Before
Porsche Collision After
BMW Collision Before
BMW Collision After
Prius Collision Before
Prius Collision After
Toyota Collision Before
Toyota Collision After
Toyota Collision Before
Toyota Collision After