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Oil Change ( Premium Synthetic)

Why Synthetics?

  • Top quality wear protection
  • Outstanding fuel economy
  • Extreme-temperature performance

Regular oil lubricants are made from crude oil that have contaminates like oxygen, sulfur, metal components, nickel, vanadium and nitrogen that can't be fully removed during the refining process. The refining process also separates out molecules by size but not by structure.

Synthetic lubricants are chemically designed to be perfectly formulated for both size and structure at the molecular level and since they are synthesized directly there are zero contaminates in these lubricants. These synthetic lubricants are also smoother as they are made from molecules saturated with more carbon-hydrogen bonds, leaving fewer molecular sites for contaminants that attach at the oils molecular level. These smoother, more uniformly designed, lubricant molecules also provide better flow over one another providing far superior lubrication.

In summery, these synthetic oils provide the best purity, molecular lubrication and longevity which translates into optimum fuel efficiency, superior friction-reduction, terrific film strength and high temperature performance that other, more conventional lubricants can't even come close to.


  • The world's first API-qualified synthetic motor oil
  • The industry leader in synthetic lubrication technology
  • The only 25,000-mile motor oil product on the market

The first AMSOIL synthetic motor oil products set a new standard for motor oil quality in 1972. AMSOIL has outperformed all conventional oil products on every measurable metric for the last 40 years. Even at the very start it was clear, synthetic oils would play a major role in the development of any new, high-performance technologies to come.

Synthetic AMSOIL lubricants have remained the industry leader for the past four decades providing ever improving quality products that provide better performance, longer vehicle life, better gas mileage and fewer service repairs. These products more than pay for themselves in countless ways.

Other oil manufacturers have spent years trying to catch up with AMSOIL technology introducing synthetic oil blends along side the many oil products they provide. But none of these manufacturers can match the experience of AMSOIL—the world's first developer of these revolutionary, synthetic oil products.

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