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Rental Car (Auto Repair)

35% OFF Rental Car while your car is at our shop.

Call Now: (415) 551-9930

Get 35% OFF your rental car at the ISM shop. Offer is only good for up to five days while your car is being repaired. Call us at (415) 551-9930 and we will schedule your rental immediately.

  • $25.95 Enterprise Rental Car (regular price $39.95)

Why worry about transportation while your vehicle is at the shop?

Call now and we'll save you time and money by having a $25.95 a day rental car waiting at the shop. You can pick it up when you drop your car, and bring the rental car back when you pick up. It's that easy!

Our rental car offer is only valid for up to 5 days while your car is being repaired. Additional charges may apply if you keep the rental car beyond the time it takes to repair your vehicle.

Please call (415) 551-9930 before you arrange a rental car yourself. Not valid with any other offer. Cannot be combined with insurance claims to offset repair costs.

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