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All Factory Parts

ISM never skimps on quality. We prefer to use the best parts for your vehicles. If another shop beats our estimate, chances are they are using aftermarket parts instead of the original, factory OEM parts.

If cost is an issue, we are happy to bid your job with less expensive parts but in general we use the best, top quality parts from your vehicle's original manufacturer.

All Factory Parts

Some insurance policies have special stipulations now, allowing insurance companies to avoid repairs using all factory parts. If factory parts are your main concern, please let us know so we can communicate with you should your insurance company deny our request for factory parts. We will keep you informed and can effectively communicate any concerns you may have with your auto insurance company.

Accident and Collision Repair Parts

You should also be aware that 95% of direct referral shops—auto body shops that your auto insurance company or agent will recommend—are shops that use aftermarket parts. The reason for this is simple economics. These shops are referred business everyday by the insurance companies and offer the insurance companies large discounts for your referral. This forces shops to cut corners on your vehicle's replacement parts.

Our goal is simply to give you the best quality at the best price. And if our estimate is not the lowest you get back, our top-quality parts is most likely the reason why.

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