BMW Repair Specials


10% OFF All Mechanical Work
First time customers save 10% on all mechanical repair or service.
5% OFF All Body & Paint
First time customers save 5% on all body work and paint repairs.

60% OFF towing - 15 Minutes
60% OFF towing to the ISM shop from anywhere in San Francisco.

$16.99 A DAY RENTAL CAR with any auto repair
$16.99 a day rental is good for the whole length of your car's visit.

Complete Fuel Injection System Service
From $205.79

(Cleans injectors, plenum, air intake, intake valves & combustion chambers & removes deposits from EGR passages)

  • Provides the ultimate in fuel system cleaning
  • Restores power & performance
  • Smoothes idle
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Cooling System Flush Service From $16.993.18

(Power flushes the entire cooling system and removes rust, scale and sludge)

  • Reduces operating temperature of the cooling system, automatic transmission & air conditioning
  • Extends the life of hoses, water pump, heater core, thermostat & radiator
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Automatic Transmission Service From $303.40

(Dissolves & suspends gums & varnish in the transmission valve body, torque converter, pan, filter, cooler & cooler lines while flushing old fluid & debris from system)

  • Eliminates hard shifting, chattering & slipping
  • Reconditions seals & extends transmission life
  • Provides cooler operation
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Power Steering Service From

(Cleans gums & varnish from power steering unit, removes old oxidized fluid and replaces with new fluid and reconditions seals)
  • Alleviates steering pump squeal
  • Prevents fluid leaks & reduces wear
  • Correct hard, erratic steering
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Brake System Fluid Flush From $111.29

(Inspect brake system and replace old, contaminated fluid with new high temperature fluid)
  • Helps prevent hydraulic failure & brake fade
  • Avoids expensive repairs
  • Helps protect ABS components
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Battery Service FREE with any
above services.

(Removes corrosion from battery acid and cleans battery terminals)

  • Helps prolong battery life
  • Helps avoid unnecessary battery replacements
  • Prevents unwanted breakdowns
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Parts and Products for BG Products, Inc. are the best in the industry. These products are essential in making sure your vehicles last long with the quality performance you expect. Every single day, thousands of auto repair shops, local dealerships and auto repair technicians all over the world rely on BG products, services, tools and equipment to insure your automobile is running in tip-top condition. All BG products, services, and equipment utilize decades of research and on the job interactions with qualified automotive technicians and auto repair professionals. BG products serves the driving community with innovative products and proven programs centered on comprehensive, quality-controlled, automotive maintenance. All of BG’s exhaustive products, services, and equipment are designed to insure the safety and long life of your automobile, truck, or SUV.

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